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18 simple ways to make your baby laugh

There’s nothing more incredible than a baby’s first laugh.

It may take a while to happen but figuring out what makes your baby giggle is a big part of getting to know them.

Can’t wait? Here are some brilliant triggers to make the magic happen…

How to make your baby laugh:

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1. Belly raspberries

Blowing noisy raspberries into your baby’s belly is a fool-proof giggle-trigger. [Corbis]
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2. Eskimo kisses

Rubbing your nose gently against your baby’s may win you a chuckle. [Corbis]
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3. Peekaboo

A classic that has had babies laughing for years – from as young as a few months old, it could get your little one going, too. [Corbis]
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4. Tickle monster

Transform yourself into the tickle monster (complete with a funny deep voice, obvs) and find your baby’s ticklish spot. [Corbis]
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5. Funny faces

There’s a reason why you see so many normally levelheaded adults pulling ridiculous faces at babies… [Corbis]
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7. Child comedians

Young children are totally unselfconscious and have a brilliant knack of making each other laugh – so if you’re struggling, sign up a sibling, cousin or friend for laughter duty. [Corbis]
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8. Chasing games

If you’re baby’s crawling, chase around after her on your hands and knees saying ‘mummy’s coming to get you!’. Just watch out for carpet burn – for you and her! [Corbis]
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9. Bed bouncing

Lie your baby on her back on your bed and gently jiggle the bed so she bounces around. She’ll love the sensation and it might get her laughing. [Corbis]
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10. Strange voices

Now’s the perfect time to practice your GCSE French or that silly accent – she won’t care if you impressions are awful! [Corbis]
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11. (Pretend) Horse riding

Sit your baby on your knee and bounce her up and down while saying ‘giddy up!’. [Corbis]
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12. Animals antics

Something as simple as watching a dog playing fetch or a cat playing with a toy can be enough to make your tot laugh out loud. [Corbis]
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13. Laugh yourself

Laughter really is contagious, so chances are that if you start laughing your baby will join in. [Corbis]
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14. Mock formality

Try solemnly (and gently) shaking your baby’s hand while speaking to her like a grown up.
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15. Feather fun

If your baby likes a gentler, safer tickle, a feather can do the trick. [Corbis]
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16. Hurting yourself

It’s not ideal for you, but accidently-on-purpose walking into a wall, stubbing your toe or pretending to trip over may tempt a giggle out of your baby. [Corbis]
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17. Unusual sounds

Babies often laugh at something as simple as tearing a piece of paper, scrunching tin foil or unraveling sellotape. [Corbis]
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18. Neck nibbles

Pretend biting may be the trick to making your baby laugh. Gently nibble her neck, arm or leg. [Corbis]

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