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Old School Games Still Top When It Comes To Baby Playtime

Digital may have its place in modern baby play, but it seems plenty of us are staying with tradition over tech.

In a survey of parents, four out of five mums said making faces at their baby and playing peek-a-boo were pretty good fun when it comes to playtime. Dads were similarly keen to engage in simple games, with 83% saying they enjoyed making silly faces.

Overall it’s the games that involve physical affection that prove more popular than tech-based play, according to the research by Pampers and the NCT.

Dr Ellie Cannon, GP & Pampers Love, Sleep & Play Panelist, says,This research shows that, when it comes to our children, we want to go back to basics and enjoy the simple activities that enable us to enjoy the bond between parent and baby in the purest form.

‘Modern technology does not necessarily encompass or enrich every aspect of our family lives.’

Belinda Phipps, CEO of NCT, says, ‘Playing simple games can really strengthen the bond between a parent and child and is a valuable source of social, emotional and cognitive learning for a baby too.

‘And it’s cheaper than using technology so puts less pressure on family budgets.’

Compared to the price of an iPad, peak-a-boo certainly seems the cheaper option!

What’s your favourite game to play with your baby? Let us know in the comments box below.



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