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Peter Andre Shares Photo Of Daughter Amelia Watching Peppa Pig…In Greek!

The singer is keen for his daughter to grow up speaking both English and Greek

There’s nothing more fascinating than hearing a little toddler chat away in two languages, and it’s something that singer and TV presenter Peter Andre is hoping will happen as his four-month-old daughter, Amelia, grows up.

Writing in his new! magazine column, he said, ‘I never put pictures of Amelia on Twitter but I couldn't resist posting one of us watching Peppa Pig together. We watch it a lot and I've now found it in Greek on YouTube.

‘I really want her to speak Greek so what better way for her to learn than by watching a show she loves in Greek,’ says Peter.

‘She doesn't stop laughing at the TV. Look at how mesmerised she is.’

Peter grew up in Australia but comes from a Greek Cypriot family and is very proud of his Mediterranean heritage.

Studies show speaking to your tot in more than one language has long-term benefits, including helping him pick up other new languages, as well as health benefits for your child’s brain development.

Do you speak more than one language at home? Let us know below.


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