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Royal Baby Prince George ‘Already Acts Like A King’, Says Body Language Expert

Little Prince George may be only eight months old, but he’s already behaving like a king, according to one body language expert.

Judi James, who has written 26 books on the subject, told the Daily Mail that the royal tot’s body language shows he is destined to be the head of the monarchy.

She said George is ‘clearly a calm, extremely sociable and very self-confident baby - he’s not just happy to be the centre of attention, he absolutely revels in it'.

‘Although George is so tiny, he is already showing a very powerful personality, ready smile and very mature body language for a baby,’ she added.


Despite enduring a 30-hour flight from London to New Zealand, baby George has been making quite an impression at a local playgroup, taking all the new people and unfamiliar surroundings in his stride.

Instead of shyly staying near his parents or bawling his eyes out, curious George ‘threw himself in the social whirl’ with confidence, smiling with glee at all the toys and fellow playmates. He even tried to get his little hands on another child’s toy – classic alpha-baby behaviour!

Clearly very comfortable being the centre of attention, George positioned himself right at the middle of the group, showing a ‘high degree of self-confidence’, believes Judi. He also immediately went for the biggest and best toy in the room (well, he is a royal tot after all) with a determined gaze. Eager to engage his new friends, he then held it up and showed it off.


It’s not just playroom behaviour that reveals George’s confident personality, but also how he positions himself in Kate’s arms (facing outwards with a purposeful pout) - and even the tactile way he plays with strands of his mum's hair.

Judi adds that this confidence is quite different from when William himself was a tot - a shy child with an air of vulnerability and nervousness about him, according to reports.

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