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Tiny Dancer: Watch This Baby’s Adorable Morning Rave

Tiny Dancer: Watch This Baby’s Adorable Morning Rave

We all have our go-to wake up song – babies included!

A feed, a nappy change and a change of clothes – is that how your baby’s day begins? For Christian, it all starts with his wake up rave. His parents choose to wake him up each morning with music and the result is oh-so-cute.

As soon as the opening notes of Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby sound, a casual bum wiggle signals that Christian’s ready to party. He then really starts going for it, all the while grinning from ear to ear. We reckon Christian’s parents are on to something here. Beats waking up to a beeping alarm clock any day. 

Watch the full video below…

This is one of two ‘Go Christian’ videos uploaded by Christian’s dad Walter Piper. While Bruno Mars’ song is Christian’s ‘usual’ wake up soundtrack, Walter’s other video shows Christian happily bopping along to Pharrell Williams’ hit single Happy.

This time, it takes the sleepy tot a while to get his groove on but eventually he proves what a little mover and shaker he is.

What’s your baby’s wake-up routine? Let us know in the comments box below. 


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