Mother and Baby

Video! Baby Looks Confused When She Meets Her Dad’s Identical Twin Brother

This may be one of the funniest first family meetings we’ve ever seen…

Introducing your baby to all her relatives is a lovely moment for any parent – but it was pretty confusing for one little girl when she met her dad’s identical twin for the first time.

An adorable video has gone viral showing a tot doing several double takes as she goes into her uncle’s house with her dad and is faced with his spitting image.

‘There’s two of us, huh? You’re confused aren’t you?’ laughs her uncle, as he has a cuddle with his niece.

We hear a woman laughing in the background, saying ‘Oh my baby’s so confused!’, but the little girl soon gets over it, giving her uncle a big grin, high five and mini fist bump by the end of the clip.

Since being posted on the site, the film has had nearly two million views.

What gets your baby pulling a confused face? Let us know below.

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