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VIDEO! Spiderman Has A Dance-off With A Baby Reflection Of Himself

If you’ve got a Spiderman-mad toddler, he’ll love the new Evian advert

The latest advert for Evian water features Spiderman having a dance-off with a miniature reflection of himself - and it's already going viral on YouTube.

It shows the superhero swinging from building to building until he catches sight of himself in some glass and realises his reflection looks decidedly smaller and cuter.

But, that doesn’t stop the mini version showing him how it’s done – not just with his spidey-sense skills, but also with some seriously cute street dance moves.

It’s part of Evian’s Baby & Me online campaign, which saw a similar advert go viral last year. That one featured a group of adults dancing in front of a mirror with their baby alter-egos copying their moves. And the whole idea was kicked off with the rollerskating babies advert which was released in 2008.

This year’s advert is a tie-in with The Amazing Spiderman 2 film which is out on 18 April.

Is your baby a little copycat when it comes to dancing? Let us know below.


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