Mother and Baby

Watch This Buff Baby Show Off Her Impressive Flexing Skills (Video)

This may not be your average father-daughter activity, but watching this baby practice flexing her muscles is so cute. And funny.

If baby Hadley keeps on this way, she could be destined for heavyweight boxing championship success in the future. The little ‘un was filmed flexing her muscles (well, cute pudgy baby biceps) along with her dad in the bathroom mirror – and it’s adorable.

She even throws in a few customary growls and grunts to add to the effect.

The result is so cute that her dad had to stop filming because he was laughing too much to continue.

Watch the full video below…

The video, posted on YouTube this week, has already racked up almost 750,000 views – showing what a hit it is.

How does your baby make you laugh? Let us know in the comments box below.

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