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Your Baby’s Language Development: From Four To Six Months

The key to boosting your baby’s language development is all talk, talk, talk

It’s so incredible seeing your baby moving out of the newborn stage and developing his own little character.

And, while he’s not exactly a conversation master quite yet, he’s still communicating with you. In fact, when it comes to his language skills, there’s a lot going on during this early stage.

So, start listening and helping him along.

What to look out for

Around this stage, your baby’s vocal cords will be more developed and he’ll start to experiment with different words and sounds.

‘This will start with repetition of simple vowels and consonants – “Ba ba ba”, for example,’ says David Messer, head of Childhood Development and Learning at the Open University.

‘But it will gradually incorporate more complicated sounds until it’s more like the language he hears you use.’

Help your baby’s language develop

This is a time when your baby loves exploring the sounds he can make. He’ll understand words long before he can say them, so the more you talk about the world around him and point out different objects, the greater his vocabulary will be.

This could also be a nice time to start baby signing, as your baby will soon be starting to develop more hand coordination.

Mirror your baby’s tone when you speak and respond to him to show you understand how he’s feeling.

Ask questions – “Do you like that?” or “Do you want this toy?” – to demonstrate the give-and-take aspect of communicating.


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