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Your baby’s on the move!

Your baby’s on the move!

You’re already aware of those major milestones your baby will reach one day, such as rolling over, crawling and walking.

But did you know there are hundreds more skills and mini-milestones she’ll master along the way? And if you share in her joy of movement, you can make a real difference to how she develops.

With our help, you’ll be able to support your baby’s efforts, and celebrate together endless little moments of success, because your attention and interest will motivate her like nothing else.

In our April issue, we feature a 10-page guide with lots of the mini-milestones to watch out for from birth to three years. For each, there’s a suggestion of how you can join in her journey, helping her develop. All are based on new movement research, so they really make a difference. And they’re fun for your baby and you!

But it’s the bigger lessons that your baby learns as she masters these skills that matter most. By aiding her early movement development, you’ll help her to learn how to do things for herself. She’ll want to move, interact socially and explore, all of which point to her being happy in life. 

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