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Your Baby’s Personality: From Four To Six Months

Moving out of the newborn stage, your baby’s about to start really enjoying the getting-to-know-everybody game

While bonding and getting to know your baby are ongoing parts of parenthood, these few months after the newborn stage are when his character really starts to emerge.

In fact, right now is all about letting him indulge his sense of curiousity and getting to know the different people around him.

What better excuse to rope Grandma in for a babysitting session…

Encourage his social skills

More faces will enter your baby’s circle as he gets to know his siblings, cousins and grandparents.

‘At this age, your baby begins to enjoy socialising and has a strong interest in human faces,’ says independent health visitor Jackie Garwood.

Your baby begins to enjoy socialising and has a strong interest in human faces

‘He’s also learning how actions, such as smiling or crying, will give rise to emotional reactions from others. This will be stored in his memory for use in the future.’

Get out and about to baby groups and let him start interacting as much as he’s comfortable with.

Try not to overwhelm him, though – just like us, your baby needs a break sometimes, so keep an eye on his reactions and take a time out if he’s finding it a bit much.

Boost his self-esteem

There’s nothing better than a compliment to boost your self-esteem, so think of this when it comes to your baby, too.

You can boost his feeling of self-worth by smiling and giving him praise when he manages to hold onto a toy or clap his hands together.

Watch his sense of humour

Ok, so he’s not quite at the stage where you can try out your most sophisticated comedic material.

But he is getting the idea of anticipation and that one thing can lead to another, so you’ll find him giggling away when you pull faces or play peek-a-boo.


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