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Surviving week 5 with your new baby: Time for real tears

Surviving week 5 with your new baby: Time for real tears

MEET THE EXPERT: Dr Ellie Cannon is a GP, mum of two, and author of Keep Calm: The New Mum’s Manual (£10.99, Vermilion).

You might see real tears from your baby this week. It happen at this point because the glands in your baby’s eyes are developed enough to produce enough fluid for tears. 

Register your baby

If you live in Scotland you have to register your baby’s birth by the time he’s 21 days old. In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, you’ve got until he’s 42 days old (six weeks). In England and Wales you need to do this either in the register office closest to where your baby was born, or, if that’s not possible, in the register office closest to where you live. In Northern Ireland you can register your baby in any District Regulation office. 

Accept erratic feeding

When babies have growth spurts, they drink more. Your milk supply will catch up with what he needs. With every growth spurt, you might have a couple of days where it feels like he’s feeding all the time. Don’t compare your baby’s feeding patterns with another’s. Each baby is different. It’s common for a baby to lose a bit of weight after he’s born, but he should be back to his birth weight by 10 days. If yours continues to gain weight after this, and is weeing regularly, he’s getting what he needs. 

Talk to other mums

Only another new mum really understands what you’re going through. Go to a playgroup and talk to a mum with a baby of a similar age to yours. Be honest with her. You’ll feel better after a chat. 


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