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‘They Helped Us Feel Like Parents’: Meet A Truly Outstanding Neonatal Team

Jenny Lewis, 29, from Hertfordshire, and mum to Jasper, 29 weeks, nominated Lister Hospital’s neonatal unit to win the Outstanding Neonatal Team Of The Year award at Mother&Baby’s Big Heart Awards. And here, she explains why the staff deserve it so much…

‘My son spent five weeks in the neonatal unit at the Lister Hospital. We were thrust into the scary world of having a premature baby at lightening speed, but the care and support the staff gave us was incredible.

'We were included in Jasper’s care from the very beginning, and I started changing nappies and doing feeds while my son was still in intensive care.

'Every member of staff was friendly and helpful, from the cleaners and support staff through to doctors, nurses and management. Most knew every baby’s name, and all the information we needed was given simply and clearly.

The team at the Lister Hospital

'The doors for parents were open 24/7. I spent almost 12 hours a day in the unit, and the nurses encouraged me to look after myself by going outside in the sun for a walk and making sure I ate and rested. 

'Expressing rooms were close to the nurseries so you could be there but not too far from your baby. Every time a mum brought back milk for their little one, the nurses would cheer and congratulate you.

'In short, the Lister team did a wonderful job at helping our baby grow and us to feel like parents.’

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