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7 Daytime Tricks That’ll Give Your Baby (And You) A Better Night’s Sleep

From playtime to protecting his delicate skin, keep your baby happy and comfortable during the day for a better night’s rest

Pre-baby, that famous new mum sleep (or lack of it) is something other people always tell you about. Once your baby’s here, that ever-present tiredness is soon a reality.

 True, you love your baby more than anything in the world – but your sleep is pretty dependent on his, so anything that can help him settle is a win-win all round, right?

Fortunately, some simple steps during the day can help him (and you!) snooze more soundly.

1. Enjoy time outside

Fresh air helps us all sleep better, including babies, so try and get out for a walk each day. It’s also a great chance for you to get some exercise. 

2. Distinguish day from night

Help your baby start to connect night with quiet time and day with being awake.

A good tip is to get all your chores or activities done in the day so your baby’s used to hearing the TV or hoover, for example, and then keeping things much quieter and the lights low in the evening.

3. Keep his skin protected

 A comfortable baby = a happy sleep. Using Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment on your baby’s bottom followed by a clean nappy helps keep his skin dry and protected.

Bepanthen is gentle and free from colours and fragrances – plus, it contains Provitamin B5, which helps the natural recovery of delicate skin.

 4. Let him nap

 Believe it or not, being too tired can actually stop your baby sleeping well, so don’t worry too much about daytime naps interfering with his night’s sleep.

 He’ll generally sleep as much as he needs to, so try not to wake a healthy little one from daytime naps unless it’s for a feed or he’s sleeping really late in the afternoon.

5. Enjoy playtime

 Let your baby explore and have fun during the day – that way, he feels satisfied and ready for sleep at night. What better reason for a play session?

6. Look for his sleep cues

Eye rubbing? Check. Yawning? Spotted. Crying? Yep. These can all be signs your baby’s tired, so learn his cues to work out when he needs a sleep.

7.  Wind down in the evening

Introduce a bedtime routine that signals to your baby it’s time for sleep.

This can include a bath followed by a soothing baby massage with gentle Bepanthen Baby Moisturiser, a feed and then a nappy change. 


Bepanthan is a gentle, everyday nappy care ointment



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