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7 Reasons Why Twitter Is Great When You’re Awake With Your Baby In The Night

Awake with your baby? Check. Bored? Check. Craving adult conversation? Check. Sounds like it’s time to acquaint yourself with Twitter…

Being awake with your baby with in the middle of the night can be lonely – particularly when no one else is awake and you’ve exhausted all the shows you wanted to watch on catch up. And you’re probably worried about fully waking your baby up, anyway.

But Twitter can be a brilliant alternative. Filled with endless entertainment, constant conversations, news and actual ADULTS you can chat with, it could just be the answer to your 3am lone mum woes.

1. Play catch up

Reading the day’s news isn’t always possible now you’ve got a baby to take care of. So use the quiet time to play catch up and find out everything that’s going on. Best of all? As you choose who you follow on Twitter, your news feed will be tailored to what interests you – skipping all of that dull sports and science news.

2. Everything’s at your fingertips

If your baby is beginning to settle and you don’t want to risk disturbing her, you don’t have to with Twitter. Download the app to your phone and you can simply search for what you want without moving.

3. Chat with other mums

There are thousands of mums to follow on Twitter – and a great number of those have a baby. So, like you, chances are they’ll also awake at this ungodly hour. Rather than waking your mum/partner/childless best friend for a chat, join in on a Twitter conversation with the people who are in exactly the same position. At 140 characters a pop, it’s not too taxing either. 

4. Win things

Twitter is bursting with competitions – most of which you simply require you to retweet something. So it could, quite literally, pay to be on Twitter in the middle of the night.


5. Stalk celebrities (without getting arrested)

Dying to know what Kim Kardashian is up to? Or the latest ‘observation’ that Katie Hopkins has made? Forget rummaging around for the latest issue of Hello! and disturbing your baby – Twitter is your go-to. Scroll through hundreds of high profile celebrities accounts and find out what all of them are up to, instantly.

6. Get parenting tips

Perhaps you’re alone in the house and tearing your hair out because your baby won’t stop crying, or maybe you want some information about eczema without a trip to the doctors. You’ll find the info you’re after on Twitter. Many doctors, health visitors, midwives and medical organisations have Twitter accounts, bursting with information on all kind of infant health issues. And don’t forget to follow Mother&Baby!

7. Get informed

You can find out about mums groups, kids’ activities and local events on Twitter, so if you haven’t yet made a plan for today then you can look up what’s going on in your area. Use hashtags to search for your town or a particular activity or location e.g. #London, #playgrounds, #mamatip.

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