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Baby Sleep: What’s Normal Between 12 And 18 Months?

Your baby’s night time sleep is more settled but her daytime habits are still changing

Thinking back over your baby’s first year, it’s incredible to think how much she’s developed, both physically and emotionally.

Those newborn days when she slept for most of the day and night are a distant memory, giving way to much less daytime sleep and hopefully a more settled slumber at night. Over the past few months, she’s gone from having three daily naps to two – and she’s now getting ready to drop one more.

That’s why you might find it a bit more challenging to settle your baby for naps around the one-year mark. This is a period of transition where two naps are too much but one is too little. Her sleep needs are changing and she’s simply getting ready for the next step, which is dropping her morning nap at anywhere between 15 and 18 months.

‘While she might have had a 90-minute nap in the morning and the same at lunch, you can now start aiming for just a 2.5 hour sleep at lunchtime,’ says Maryanne Taylor, baby sleep consultant and founder of Child Sleep Works.

During the night, your baby will probably be sleeping for around 11 hours, although this can vary.

What her sleep will be like

It won’t be too different from prior to this stage. She’ll snooze relatively quietly with some movement while she settles herself during the night, something she’ll be able to do more soundly now.

Our top sleep tip

Get your child ready to drop her first nap gradually. ‘Push her morning sleep a bit later at half hour intervals every few days until you reach the ideal time of 12:30/1pm to make it just a lunchtime one,’ says Maryanne.

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