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Baby Sleep: What’s Normal Between Nine And 12 Months?

As you approach the end of your baby’s first year, get ready to start looking at reducing his naps

It’s hard to believe you’re going to be celebrating your baby’s first birthday soon. Where did the time go?

As he approaches the one-year mark, his sleep will be very different from those early newborn days, with more shut-eye at night and less during the day.

In fact, as long as your baby’s healthy and all is well, he could be sleeping around 11 hours at night, with no need for his late afternoon nap.

‘I’d say he definitely should only be having his morning and lunchtime sleeps when he’s beyond nine months,’ says Maryanne Taylor, baby sleep consultant and founder of Child Sleep Works.

‘You’re looking at around 2.5 hours sleep in the day, with the lunchtime nap being the longest, as it’ll set him up and mean he’s not overtired for bedtime.’

At around 12 months, you can start to get ready to drop your baby’s morning nap, too.
‘You’ll see how he’s preparing for this – it could be that settling him down for the nap gets a bit more difficult and you may find he fusses more,’ says Maryanne.

What his sleep will be like

It won’t be too different from prior to this stage. He’ll snooze relatively quietly with some movement while he settles herself during the night, something he’ll be able to do more soundly now.

Our top sleep tip

If you’re struggling to get your baby to settle for his naps, try putting in a routine to help him wind down beforehand – perhaps a story or just some quiet time together, so he gets used to associating that with sleep.

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