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Expert advice to help you and your baby get a good night’s rest – starting tonight! 

Welcome to The M&B Essential Guide to Sleep. We really hope it will help you to help your little one get a better night’s sleep tonight – and every night after that. Which will, of course, mean some more shut-eye for you too. Because if there’s one thing all of us mums love, it’s that amazing moment when you open your eyes and realise it’s an hour later than the middle-of-the-night time your baby normally wakes you up.

Put the expert advice in this booklet into practice, and you can look forward to many, many more of those priceless moments. 

The Essential Guide to Sleep tells you everything you need to know about baby zzz’s, from daytime naps to night-time sleep, from birth to two years and beyond. You’ll find expert help to deal with common sleep issues, for instance if your baby wakes too early or won’t settle unless she’s being rocked for hours in your arms. Trust us, we know just how tough sleep issues can be, but it’s never too late to start teaching your tot better sleep habits.

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Sweet dreams!


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