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How white noise could help your baby sleep

How white noise could help your baby sleep

Many people tiptoe around sleeping babies thinking that any noise will wake them up. While there are many sounds that will wake a sleeping baby, there are lots of others that soothe her.

When your baby was in your womb, it wasn’t a quiet environment. If you have a dog or older child, if you work in a busy environment, or if you listen to music or watch TV, your baby heard all of this through the walls of your uterus.

In addition, there was the continuous whoosh-whoosh of your heartbeat and the thunderous rush of blood through your arteries, along with the rumbles of your digestive system. 

And it’s because of this prenatal history that a noisy environment can help many babies to relax and fall asleep – and stay asleep – much more easily than a quiet room. But it’s a very particular noise that does the trick.

To find out how white noise could help your baby sleep, download the February 2017 issue of M&B to read more. 

If you search on YouTube, you’ll find lots of examples of white noise videos: 

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