Mother and Baby

The Sleep Fix: 6-12 Months

Finding your baby's still not sleeping? We've got the sleep fixes that'll mean you'll both get some more sleep soon

Keep a diary

‘Watch out for cues, such as eye rubbing and ear pulling, that show she’s getting sleepy,’ says Tina. ‘Noting them down will help you take control when the first signs of tiredness appear, so she goes down before things get difficult.’

Expect to go backwards

‘At around nine months, it’s normal for babies to experience separation anxiety,’ says Sarah. ‘Her sleep may regress and she could cry in the night. Reassure her with a favourite comforter or a gentle hand on her tummy, but try not to pick her up.’

Chill with the rules

Don’t worry if your baby has a nap in her buggy or on your lap. ‘If you become too militant about making your baby sleep in her cot, it could make it trickier when you’re out or on holiday and need to let her snooze away for a bit,’ says Tina.

Use a secret cue

Linking a special smell, such as camomile or lavender, 
with bedtime – either in the bath, with 
a massage balm or a diffuser in her room 
– can subliminally encourage her to sleep.

Tweak your expectations

‘Lots of parents want their child to sleep reliably through the night by toddlerhood, but it’s actually quite common for at least a third to still wake regularly,’ says Sarah. ‘We shouldn’t expect their sleep to be like adults until they’re four years old.’

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