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The TV You Need To Catch Up On If You’re Awake With Your Baby In The Middle Of The Night

Wide awake after your baby’s 3am feed? Grab your laptop or tablet and let some good TV keep you company until you drift off.

Whether you’re a fan of gritty crime shows like Luther, can’t get enough of the ah-mazing outfits in Mad Men or are obsessed with unpicking every twist and turn in Homeland, it’s all available in one click. Which is unbelievably handy when it’s 3.25am, no one else is awake and you don’t think you’ll ever get back to sleep. And the TV remote is so far away…

So, sign into your Netflix/iPlayer/ITV Player account and amuse yourself with the best TV programmes available at the moment.


Glorious shots of New York City, sharp-suited New York lawyers back-stabbing and double-crossing everyone and having a right ball while they do it, this smart and slick US drama will suck you in quickly and might make you want to take the Bar exam. Whatever that is - doing the nightfeed means we don’t entirely understand what’s going on, but Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is just dreamy...

House of Cards

Netflix’s own series features the brilliant Kevin Spacey as congressman Francis Underwood who will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants – as will his conniving wife Claire (Robin Wright). While it’s unlikely to lull you back to sleep due to its intensity and addictiveness (your baby will be asking for her next feed before you know it) it will definitely keep you entertained.

Netflix Original Series: House Of Cards

Mr Selfridge

In you’re a fan of Downton Abbey and after a heartwarming middle-of-the-night show, then you absolutely must trial an episode of Mr Selfridge. Full of stunning early twentieth century costumes, marital drama and stunning set designs, you’ll soon become so immersed in life in the world-famous store that you’ll be heading to the shop itself for a shopping spree, pronto.

Call The Midwife

You may need some tissues at hand when watching this, but it’s well worth it. Call The Midwife sheds light on pregnancy and birth in the 1950s but it isn’t all happy endings – the programme isn’t afraid to skirt around tougher issues. 


Outnumbered will keep you laughing throughout each episode – and possibly give you a glimpse of things to come once your tot is older (eek!). It’s a good one to watch in the middle of the night as each episode has a conclusive ending – so you won’t be left kept awake and wondering what happens in the next one.

BBC: Outnumbered


Starring Benedict Cumberbatch (if you’re a fan of his then that’s reason enough to watch this), this is quite possible one of the best adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved mystery tales. While it’s got it’s fair share of excitement and intrigue, it shouldn’t stop you from falling asleep once it’s finished.


Starring the one and only Mr Joey Tribbiani – sorry, we mean Matt Le Blanc – Episodes may not have had all that much press, but we love it. It brilliantly compares and blends British and American humour with hilarious outcomes.  A great 4am comfort watch.

BBC: Episodes

Gavin & Stacey

If you’re feeling a little low and lonely but don’t want to wake your partner/mum/best friend for a chat, stick on an episode of Gavin & Stacey. Pamela’s one-liners and Nessa and Smithy’s love/hate relationship will keep you laughing until the closing credits.

Breaking Bad

It may have finished now, but there’s a reason why everyone is still talking about Breaking Bad. Centering around a teacher-turned-crystal-meth-cooker, you’ll get through all five seasons before your tot turns one. And it’s got 9.6 on IMDB. Need we say more? 

Doctor Who

Missed out on the most recent season of Doctor Who because you’ve been up to your ears in nightfeeds and nappies? Never fear – your insomnia is the perfect reason to catch up on the Doctor’s adventures in his Tardis.

BBC: Doctor Who

Modern Family

Following the lives of three different, but related, families, Modern Family will leave you in stitches and making comparisons to your own brood. Each episode is really short (around 25 minutes) so if you don’t think you’ll stay awake through a longer programme then this is a great alternative.


If you missed out on Luther while it was on TV, now’s your chance to catch up on this hugely popular crime drama. Gritty, British and seriously addictive, it should definitely be on your night-time viewing schedule. And Idris Elba can give you sweet dreams...!


This may not be the most sensible programme to watch in the small hours as you’ll probably spend until daybreak deciphering every plot twist (they are just so clever!), but it is just so good we couldn’t miss it out. Filled with terrorist conspiracies, double-crossing agents and incredible acting, there’s a reason why it rates so highly on IMDB.

Game of Thrones

OK, maybe this isn’t the right TV to be watching in the middle of the night. Certainly, catching up with the Red Wedding might ruin any chance of getting back to sleep. But we had to mention it - even if it’s one to devour in the evening, instead of 2am...

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