Mother and Baby

Video! Children Asleep In Hilarious Positions And Places

Never have children resembled little drunk people more than when they’re asleep in the strangest positions and places…

Being a child must be exhausting – what with all of that playing, learning and growing to be done. And judging by the children in this video, sometimes they’re so shattered that sleep just completely over, whatever they’re mid-way through doing. Eating dinner, going to the loo, climbing the stairs or playing on the park swings, for example.

And while some of the babies and toddlers in this video compilation look slightly unsafe (not to mention uncomfortable), some seem to be pulling obscure yoga positions that we could only dream of imitating.

Watch the full video below…

We particularly love the child who doesn’t seem to mind napping with another child’s (smelly?) feet in his face.
Where’s the strangest place your child has fallen asleep? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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