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Watch This Hilarious Video Of A Baby Refusing To Let His Mum Sleep

Ever desperately try to catch some Zzz’s but are repeatedly thwarted in your attempts for slumber by your little one?

One tired mum, Esther Anderson, decided to film her bub’s hilarious attempts at keeping her awake, including poking her eyes, lying across her face – and, quite sweetly, kissing her over and over on the lips.

The YouTube video, titled ‘Why Co-Sleep is No-Sleep’, has since gone viral and has amassed over six million views.

Esther commented on the post, ‘Every morning my baby sleeps in my bed with me for a couple hours after she wakes up to eat. And every morning I ask myself why I didn't just put her back in her crib.... So this morning I grabbed my cellphone and recorded what my baby alarm clock looks like. I think I'm not alone in this...

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