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Why You Need The M&B Night Feed In Your Life

Wide awake at 2am, trying to settle/feed/entertain your baby and wondering just when you can get back to bed? We’ll help you get through the night when it seems that nobody else, anywhere, is awake

One thing all mums know it that ‘a night’s sleep’ means something completely different once you have a baby. It’s three hours between night feeds, mentally going through the ‘why-are-you-crying’ moments, loving this special alone time with your little one – and wondering if that amazing dress from Zara is on sale yet.

We’re awake when you are. And we know exactly what you need. 

Solutions – quick

Can’t get your baby to stop screaming and don’t want to call you mum AGAIN for advice at 3am? Look no further. From tips to soothe your baby’s tears to what to do when you reach the end of your tether, we’ve got all of the advice and help you need when no one else is awake. And use the hashtag #nightfeed with @MotherAndBaby to share tips and advice with other mums.

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Finally managed to get your baby to sleep or feed quietly but now you’re wide awake? Catch up on the day’s celebrity and parenting news right here. The latest happenings in the world of celebrity mums, the hottest parenting debates and the latest must-buys. All in bite-sized easy-to-read-when-exhausted articles.

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Those feeding issues

Whether it’s knowing how long your baby should be going without a feed or how much milk he actually needs, get answers to all of those middle of the night feeding worries instantly. 

Breast milk’s antibacterial properties can help soothe sore throats. If you can face it, drink a glass or gargle for the same effect.

Shop ‘til you drop (off)

We all love a little online splurge, so why not use this quiet time to have a good look at what’s hot right now – without distraction. Check out the best toys, bedtime buys and other baby essentials available and don’t forget yourself! Take a look at new beauty launches (including those to help you #fakeawake) and the latest style picks to hit the high street.

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Toddler terrors solved

Utterley freaked out by your toddler’s nightmares, noises and night terrors? Get clued up on why it’s all happening and how to cope with it. Plus, if your tot’s unwell, figure out what he could have before deciding your next step.

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Everything’s at your fingertips

As with everything on, the Night Feed is easy to view on computers, tablets and phones – so if your baby’s settled in your arms, you can simply browse the section on your mobile.

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