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Your Baby Bedtime Routine Kit

Introducing a gentle bedtime routine from around six weeks can be a great way to show your baby when it’s time to sleep – which helps make evenings a lot more restful for you and your partner. Not sure where to start? Welcome to the products you need to help your baby settle into a gentle bedtime routine.
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1. Baby massage oil

Relaxing baby massage is a lovely bonding opportunity and something your partner can do with your little one as well. Organic sunflower seed oil designed for baby massage is perfect for his delicate skin.
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2. Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment

Nappy rash can flare up at night, so use this gentle and moisturising ointment on your baby’s bottom followed by a clean nappy to help keep his skin dry and protected.
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3. A book

As well as boosting his bookworm potential, reading to your baby before bed can help him unwind and give you some quality time together after a long day.
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4. Baby towel

Splashing around in a warm bath can relax your baby before sleep, and a snuggly towel keeps him warm while you dress him for bed
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5. Nightlight

Create a peaceful atmosphere in your baby’s room with a soft light that gently soothes him. Or opt for a special baby one, which come with different music and lullaby settings, too.
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