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Your Baby’s Perfect Bedtime Routine

Settle your baby for a comfortable sleep by protecting his skin against nighttime nappy rash

If you’re like us, the perfect way to set yourself up for sleep is a long bath (with your partner on babysitting duty, obvs), PJs and bed.

Your baby’s the same. A gentle routine can be established from around six weeks and shows him when it’s time to wind down.

But what about when nappy rash makes him grizzly? Leaving his bottom red and sore, it’s caused by a wet or soiled nappy pressing against his delicate skin, and can flare up at night when he goes unchanged for longer.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your little one more comfortable – and they’re all part of his perfect bedtime routine.

Bathtime fun

Splashing around in warm water can soothe your baby at the end of the day, and show him it’s time to wind down and sleep.

Comforting feed

Make sure your baby is full and drowsy from a meal of sleep-inducing milk.

Baby spa session

Baby massage is a great way to relax your baby and also gives you or dad some lovely bonding time.

Protect his skin

Use a gentle nappy care ointment, such as Bepanthen, on your baby’s bottom followed by a clean nappy to help keep his skin dry and protected.

Bepanthen is gentle and free colours and fragrances – plus, it contains Provitamin B5, which helps the natural recovery of delicate skin and keeps it soft, smooth and moisturised.  

This leaves your baby ready for a good night’s sleep – and a happy baby equals a happy you!

Bepanthen is a gentle, everyday nappy care ointment, especially designed for a baby’s delicate skin. Clinically proven, it forms a transparent, breathable layer, helping protect your baby’s skin from the irritants and rubbing that can cause nappy rash. Free from ingredients that can irritate delicate skin, it can be used at every nappy change on even the most sensitive skins, including premature babies.

Bepanthan is a gentle, everyday nappy care ointment

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