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Your Baby's Perfect Sleep Routine: Introducing The New Mother & Baby iBook

We’ve got the perfect sleep routine that will fit in with your life AND keep your little one happy

All you ever needed to know about settling your baby into a happy, healthy routine is in our amazing new iBook, devised by M&B and our genius sleep expert Tina Southwood - available here for only £1.49 (less than that super-strong latte keeping you awake every morning!)

At newborn to six weeks...

We’ll show you how to bond with your baby, cope with sleep deprivation and manage your baby’s early evening crankiness.

Did you know? In the first few months, your baby won’t be able to stay awake for more than 45 minutes. If he does, he’ll be harder to settle afterwards.

At six weeks to four months...

You’ll learn how to establish a regular feeding and sleeping pattern during the day, as well as at night-time. You’ll also get solutions to stop your baby crying.

'If you establish an evening routine, your baby will find it easier to settle with his own sleep cues'

Did you know? At around 10 weeks, your baby will be ready for a gentle evening routine of bath and quiet time in the evening. If you start one, you’ll find he’s easier to settle as he develops his own sleep cues.

At four months to six months...

You’ll learn how to get your baby sleeping in his cot, plus how to prevent and cope with the five month sleep regression and – most important of all – get him sleeping through the night.

Did you know? He’ll be likely to learn to roll at this point, which has a knock-on effect on his sleep.

From six months to nine months...

We’ll teach you how to wean your baby in a way that encourages the best sleeping habits. By now, he won’t need milk feeds in the night, so it’s a good time to do some gentle sleep training if he's still waking multiple times. We show you a way of doing this that won’t lead to tears and tantrums – no, not from him either.

Did you know? Cutting naps before your baby is ready to won't help his night time sleep - it could make him overtired and harder to settle at bedtime...


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