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Your Step-By-Step Baby Sleep Guide

Whether you’re about to enter parenthood and stressing about sleepless nights with your newborn or a first time mum looking for new ways to soothe your baby, follow these steps for a better night’s sleep for both you and your little one

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1) Establish the difference between day and night

You can start helping your baby to learn the difference between night and day, so they know when they should be asleep and when they can play with you. And before you become overwhelmed with the idea of putting another routine in place, know that it’s much simpler than you think. And think of all of that extra sleep you could get out of it…
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2) Invest in some bedtime buys

Just like us adults use baths, a dark room and hot drinks to get in the mood for sleep, certain bedtime buys can help soothe and comfort your baby, encouraging them to sleep soundly.
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3) Try a baby massage

Do you find a massage helps soothe and relax you? Well it’s much the same for your baby. Try giving them a massage before putting them down to help relieve any physical discomfort they may be experiencing and it's also a great bonding experience for you both.
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4) Follow a sleep method

Once your baby’s a few months old and you feel like you’ve got a bedtime routine in place, you may want to try implementing a sleep routine to help your baby know when it’s bedtime. Choosing from an expert-advised routine is a good place to start but if it doesn’t pan out, don’t worry – you should do what works for you.
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5) The Gina Ford Routine

While some mums consider the Gina Ford routine as overly no-nonsense, it does promise to get your baby to sleep through the night. Following nine different routines that match your baby’s natural rhythms, this method claims to avoid the issues that bring on endless tears – such as hunger and tiredness.
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6) The EASY Principles Routine

If you’re after a simple and structured routine that still leaves some time for you (yes, it is possible!), then the EASY Principles routine could be the one for you. Sticking to a recurring three-hour routine that involves food, play, then a nap, your baby will start to get into a proper routine, which is what lots of sleep experts swear by.
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7) The No Crying/No Tears Routine

Can’t stand the thought of letting your baby cry it out? The No Crying/No Tears routine could be for you. It has a more gradual approach which encourages you to comfort your baby for as long as they need it.
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8) The Controlled Crying Routine

The Controlled Crying routine can be one tough routine to follow – so be prepared. But the good news is that once it starts working, your baby will know how to settle themselves, leaving you to catch up on your sleep.
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9) Try and get a good night’s sleep yourself

Just as your baby needs lots of sleep, so do you! You need plenty of energy to look after your little one in the day and to be the best mum you can be. Check out the seven sleep secrets for grown-ups, so you can sleep better.
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10) Know what to aim for

Working out how much sleep your baby needs at each stage of their first year can be really helpful as knowing what’s a ‘normal’ amount when your baby’s 0-3 months will change quite dramatically when they are 9-12 months old. But do keep in mind that every baby’s different, and so your little one’s sleep may not be the same as your friends’ baby. First rule of parenting – don’t compare!
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11) Start a bedtime routine

Establishing a bedtime routine is a brilliant first step for your baby’s sleep. It will soothe and relax thm, helping them to unwind and prepare for (hopefully) a brilliant night’s sleep. You can try including a bath, some lullabies, a pre-bed feed, and a story within your routine.
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12) Put your mind at ease

Worrying that your baby is sleeping safely, may keep you awake. But so long as you follow a simple set of rules, there’s no reason why your baby shouldn’t be enjoy a deep and safe snooze.
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13) If all else fails…

If you’re on the verge of tears from another sleepless night, take some advice from our top straight-to-sleep and stay asleep guide . Plus, get involved in the M&B nightfeed for all night long tips and advice – and it saves you waking up your grumpy partner for advice for the third time in one night.

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