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Anyone for breast milk ice cream?

Royal Baby Gaga ice cream

Breastfeeding campaigner has teamed up with ice cream company The Licktators to re-launch breast milk ice cream in celebration of the birth of the Royal baby

Summer is nearly here, so why not indulge in some ice cream? How about breast milk flavour? 

Breastfeeding campaigner Victoria Hiley has teamed up with ice cream makers The Licktators to re-launch breast milk ice cream, named Royal Baby Gaga ice cream, just in time to celebrate the Royal birth. It was previously on the market in 2011. 

Victoria said: “There was huge support from breastfeeding women for Baby Gaga ice cream in 2011, yet some politicians still stigmatise women for breastfeeding in public.

 “We thought the birth of a Royal baby was a great time to whip up support for mums and say that when it comes to ice cream this summer, breast is best.”

The Licktators have also published the recipe online so that mums can make the ice cream at home. 

The product will be available for sale at selected stores in London and online at this summer. A 500ml tub of Royal Baby Gaga costs £19.99 and is available in pink and blue tubs.

All profits are to be donated to a breastfeeding charity.

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Sophie studied History at the University of Sheffield and has been in journalism for 16 years. 

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