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Breastfeeding Now Compulsory In The United Arab Emirates

In the UK, breastfeeding is encouraged but it’s every mums choice how to feed her baby. But that is no longer the case in the UAE.

A new law has been passed in the United Arab Emirates that says all mums most breastfeed their children for a minimum of two years. The law, passed by the Emirates’ Federal National Council, came about after research showing the benefits of breastfeeding and decided that it’s every child’s right to be breastfed.

The clause has been added to the children’s rights law and means that husbands can sue their wives if they don’t breastfeed – something that the UAE’s minister of social affairs Miriam Al Roumi has spoken out against, obviously not all women are happy to breastfeed.

‘This part of the law can be a burden,’ Miriam said to UAE newspaper The National. ‘If the law forced women to breastfeed, this could lead to new court cases.’

For those mums who are unable to breastfeed their baby, the council will provide a wet nurse to breastfeed the baby for her. But it’s not yet been said how each woman’s ability to breastfeed will be decided.

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