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Chicco answer all your bottle-feeding questions

Chicco answer all your bottle-feeding questions

As a mum, feeding can be one of your biggest worries. Recently, experts from Chicco joined us on our Facebook page, to offer their expertise on how to achieve problem-free feeding with your little one.

Chicco are the experts in providing products, which allow you to experience the magic of bonding with your baby.

The innovative range of NaturalFeeling bottles have been designed with a truly angled teat, which replicates the instinctive way your baby feeds. This unique design helps prevent colic and makes the transition between breast and bottle easier than ever before for mums, leading to 9/10 babies showing immediate acceptance when using the bottles for the first time.

If you missed the live Q&A session, here are the highlights: 

Lisa Rickley from Southampton: “What is the correct position for my baby when I am feeding?”

Chicco: If possible, your baby should be in an upright position when feeding as feeding whilst the baby is lying down can often be associated with causing your baby ear infections or colic. You can prop them up with the crook of your arm, or you could use a feeding pillow to keep them upright as they drink.

Heidi Robinson from Norwich: “If I am mixed feeding, how can I make the transition between breast and bottle easier?”

Chicco: If you have the time, try to reduce breast feeds and replace with bottle feeds gradually over an extended period so that it is less unsettling for your baby. You can try bottle-feeding halfway through a breastfeed if your baby won’t settle without the closeness of the breast and movement often helps to settle a baby so try a gentle rocking motion whilst you feed.

Lucy Sparke from Cheshire: “How can I keep my baby relaxed during feeding?”

Chicco: This is something that a lot of mums struggle with. Try to maintain eye contact with your baby, as they will be looking to you for reassurance. To maintain both your own and your baby’s comfort, switch arms every now and then so that they don’t feel stuck in one position. In the early days, don’t swaddle your baby whilst breastfeeding – it’s important that you can see any distress cues, such as splayed fingers, to ensure that your baby remains relaxed.

Kayleigh Lynch: “It's taking my baby ages to finish an 8oz feed we're still using newborn teets what's the best ones to use now? She's 6 months old. I should also add she's quite a windy baby so we've been worried about fast flow teets.”

Chicco: If you are concerned about moving straight onto a fast flow teat - you could try moving onto a variable flow teat. Although this is usually aimed at 3 months+ every baby is different and this could be a good solution to helping your baby feed faster, without causing her colic.

Hannah Laithwaite: “I want to stop breastfeeding my 6-month-old baby, but so far she’s refusing to take a bottle. Any advice?”

Chicco: You could try first expressing your breast milk into the bottle, and use a slow-flow teat, as this will replicate the feeling of breastfeeding more accurately. Eventually, once your baby is used to the bottle, you can use formula milk instead. Another good tip is to ask others (a partner, parent or friend) to try to bottle feed your baby when you are out of the house. If your baby picks up that you are around, they may be more resistant to bottle-feeding because they know that you could supply breast milk. Perseverance is key!

Gabriella Challis: “My baby girl is really colicky and has reflux, she is bottle fed but we are thinking of switching but not sure which one is going to be best?”

Chicco: Our NaturalFeeling range is great for babies who suffer with colic as it has a dual anti colic valve and a wide bellied teat which stays full of milk, reducing the risk of swallowing air which leads to babies bringing their milk back up. You can find more information on the range here:

Rachael Turner: “Hi, I want to switch from breastfeeding to baby is 20 weeks old and has no problem taking the bottle and I've tried him with formula and he seems to like it. My question is how do I make the switch? One feed at a time or all feeds? Just worried I will run into problems with my milk supply, like engorement, mastitis or blocked ducks! I tend to have an oversupply as well! Any advise would be great as I just don't know where to start. Thanks!”

Chicco: It's always best to try and make the switch gradually. Try introducing one or two bottle feeds into his daily routine and then increase it slowly - this will allow your baby and your body time to adjust to the change.

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