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How important is protein to your baby’s development?

How important is protein to your baby‘s development?

Do you know the importance of protein for your baby during her first 1000 days?

From conception to her 2nd birthday, the right nutrition, especially protein, is vital for your baby’s first 1000 days.

46% of mums aren’t aware that the first 1,000 days are key in determining a baby’s life-long future health

Protein is a key component of breast milk that helps to ensure healthy growth and development. The levels of protein decreases as your baby grows, meaning exactly the right quality and quantity of this nutrient are given, helping them grow at a steady rate.

The changing protein composition of breast milk helps your baby grow at the correct rate, decreasing her chances of being overweight or obese in later life.

Just 9% of mums know that the protein levels in breastmilk decrease over the first 6 months of their baby’s life

SMA Nutrition has more than 90 years’ experience in infant nutrition, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of protein and the role in plays in a baby’s development.

When SMA Nutrition asked mums if they felt they were well-informed about the importance of protein for their child, over half of them said they wished there was more information available on the importance of it in the first 1,000 days.

De Ellie CannonDr Ellie Cannon, mum of two, says: ‘Many mums don’t understand the role that protein plays in growth, and that too much of it can result in more rapid growth than is desirable. Breastmilk protein decreases in the first few weeks of breastfeeding and this helps ensure your baby follows the appropriate rate of growth.’

SMA® Nutrition has produced a hub of articles and a video on protein in the first 1,000 days – visit for more information. 

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