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M&BTV: How To Move From Breast To Bottle

The transition from breast to bottle needn't be a tricky one. Make bottle feeding a breeze with these simple tips...

Arabella, Aptamil Specialist Advisor says: If you want to introduce a bottle to your baby always wait ‘til six to eight weeks because by that time your breast milk supply is fully established and your baby knows what they’re doing at the breast, and will be able to cope with both. As far as bottles and teets go you may need to experiment with a few different ones to find one that suits your baby. All babies are different and there’s a lot of bottles and teets out there. So, take some time to find one that suits your baby.

Mum 1: So, I didn’t want Riley to get nipple confusion basically from giving him a bottle as well as the breast because I’m combination feeding so the teets that I bought were new born teets to start with, so the flow is for a newborn so it’s not going too fast – also the teets that I use are the ones that basically can be used with combination feeding. They simulate the nipple basically which means that Riley shouldn’t really get confused and he should be able to take that bottle easily and you know be able to take the milk the same way that the nipple would let it come out.

Arabella says: It will take patience to get a baby to accept a bottle. It’s a different technique to breastfeeding and your baby may not necessarily take to it readily but patience will pay off.

Mum 2: When I had gone on to the bottle, I didn’t give up breastfeeding straightaway. I would do one bottle and then the rest on the breast and then do the next one I think in about five hours, five, six hours time so I do like bottle, breast, bottle, breast, bottle, breast and literally take out each feed and change the bottle after every two days. I’d say it took me about two weeks to get her from the breast to the bottle.

Arabella says: If you’re giving a baby breast milk in a bottle, squeeze a bit onto the nipple of the bottle so your baby can get that taste. This should set off the sucking reflex. If you’re using formula, try dipping the teet of the bottle in a bit of expressed breast milk which will set off the reflex and your baby may then take the formula after that.


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