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M&B readers say reactions to breastfeeding in public are positive

M&B readers say reactions to breastfeeding in public are positive

The subject of breastfeeding in public frequently appears in the media, with news stories of negative reactions towards mums going about the truly natural business of feeding their babies.

But Mother&Baby readers on Facebook have told us overwhelmingly that the reaction to them breastfeeding in public has been predominantly positive and supportive.

When asked whether they had ever received any negative responses to breastfeeding in public, M&B fans replied in their droves to dispute the common story portrayed in newspapers.

Here are a selection of the comments we received:

Sara Fender said: “Fed for almost a year and didn't have one negative comment! The media love to scare people.”

Julie Marie Suffield said: “Fed both of mine in all sorts of public places with no cover, for a total of 30 months now and no negative experiences. Quite the opposite in fact, loads of compliments.”

Jo Wells said: “I cover myself as a preference but no negativity, only ever had people smile if they have noticed/paid attention which isn't often. Media make out that everyone stares but why would they care what I'm doing when they're having their coffee?”

Lucy Glendinning: “I love to see other mothers breastfeeding and I have never once felt odd or had a single negative comment. It would be helpful if more people fed openly out and about as the only tricky thing I've ever found is positioning - I probably could have picked up some tips from other mums.”

Katie Webborn said: “Just go for it. Doubtful anyone will notice. Never had a negative comment in 2 years. Just chill out and eat tea and cake! I reckon most of the money I saved by not buying formula I spent on cake. It's a win win situation!”

Megan Peel said: “I've never had any negative comments or found it strange - people have only ever come up to tell me how wonderful it is to see a baby getting the best possible nutrition.”

However, a couple of readers recognised that some mums do receive negativity towards breastfeeding in public:

Jem Henderson: “People do get negative reactions. I had to deal with it. Thankfully, the empathy and support I also received made it better. Pretending everything is nice and people are all fine with it isn't very supportive.”

We also had a few tips shared by breastfeeding mums:

Claire Hackett said: “If you're anxious, a friend gave me a great tip: feed in front of a mirror at home & you'll see just how little is visible to others.”

Laura Morgan Davies said: “Don't expect the worst. My son was a summer baby and it was nice to sit and have a cold drink while feeding him so find out where your local small cafes are. I use to enjoy feeding him in my back garden too.”

Joanna Souza said: “Top tip- don't worry. And IF ever anyone does say something, remember it is your baby's right to nurse. Don't let it knock you- there are hundreds, if not thousands of people you'll feed in front of in public who never say a thing so don't let one bad experience taint the rest!”

If you are about to start your breastfeeding journey, and are looking for tips on breastfeeding in public, grab the January 2017 copy of M&B. We have a full feature on breastfeeding on the go, with lots of tips and advice from experts and real mums about how to breastfeed in public.

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What experiences have you had while breastfeeding in public? What has the general response been to you? Leave your comments below or message us on Facebook!


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