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Should A Mum (And Midwife) Ever Admit She Hates To Breastfeed?

When midwife and mum Clemmie Hooper posted her latest blog about her struggle with breastfeeding, she received a very strong reaction…

‘This post is going to come as a bit of a shock to some of you out there,’ began Clemmie on her blog Gas and Air. ‘Some of you will be stunned, amazed and maybe even confused. I am a midwife and mother and I didn’t enjoy breastfeeding.’

Clemmie’s confessional post continued with the midwife and mum of two explaining why she struggled with breastfeeding.

'I am a midwife and mother and I didn’t enjoy breastfeeding’

‘As the weeks went by and the satisfaction that those chubby cheeks and thigh rolls were all thanks to me, I began to tire of the relentlessness of feeding,’ wrote Clemmie. ‘How was my baby still feeding every two hours when my friend’s baby was doing four hour stretches at night? I doubted my own milk supply (although by the endless ‘wet patch’ look I constantly sported in most cafes in South East London despite wearing DOUBLE ABSORBENT BREAST PADS begs to differ). Yet I still thought my babies weren’t getting enough.’

And Clemmie revealed that she isn’t the only mum she knows who’s struggled with breastfeeding.

Speaking of her experience with one mum, she wrote, ‘She said she felt guilty that she wanted to give up, like she’d let her daughter down and like a failure as a mother. It was so sad hearing this. She was an emotional mess and sobbed into my arms.

‘I said she had to do what was right for her. If she wasn’t enjoying motherhood because of breastfeeding then there was no point putting herself and her baby through all of this.’

The blogger concluded her post by advising her followers that ‘formula milk is not the evil poison that mothers give their babies. It’s the other option available for women who either choose not to breastfeed or who can’t breastfeed their babies. And thank god we have that option in this country.’

Although Clemmie realised her post would ‘shock’ some of her readers, she probably didn’t expect the backlash she received.

Do you think it’s ever OK to admit you don’t like breastfeeding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.


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