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The best manual breast pumps

The best manual breast pumps

The right breast pump will give you much more flexibility when you’re breastfeeding. Yet as you’ll have noticed, breast pumps come in various shapes and sizes, so how do you choose the best one for you?

If you’re feeding breast milk from a bottle twice a week or less, a single breast pump should do the job. Manual breast pumps are generally more lightweight, compact and quieter - designed for occasional use. Electric breast pumps are more efficient, but also more expensive, nosier and much bulkier.

 Manual breast pumps are generally more lightweight, compact and quieter - designed for occasional use.

The basic design is fairly consistent across brands and models, yet there are still different factors to consider. Most should fit in your bag, whilst some come with carry bags or cases. Comfort also comes into play, with different brands offering cushion and massage cups. That said, a lot of mums generally find manual pumps more comfortable, as you are directly in control of the pressure and pace. If you’ve decided a manual breast pump is right for you and your feeding plans, we’ve put together our top picks in this handy guide.

MAM Breast Feeding & Steriliser Breast Pump Set, £50, Amazon

Mam Breast Feeding and Steriliser set

This starter set contains everything you need if this is your first experience expressing milk for your baby. The MAM manual breast pump has been desgined with real attention to detail and can be adapted to your individual needs. With a fully rotating funnel, the pump is perfectly matched to the anti-colic bottles, so that the milk flows directly into the bottle without pouring. Made up of four parts, the pump is easy to take apart and clean, and like all of MAMs products, it is entirely BPA free. Our team of mum testers loved how everything came in one convenient set, and found the breast pump comfortable and easy to use.

Medela Harmony Breast Pump, £24.99, Amazon

Medela Harmony

A great option for mums who only need to breastfeed now and again, the Medela Harmony breast pump features their award winning 2-phase expression technology. Lightweight and compact, the breast pump is designed to stimulate the natural baby sucking behaviour. The 2-phase design allows you to use the shorter side of the pump for a faster sucking cycle, then once your milk starts to flow, you switch to the longer side of the handle. Our mums found it easy to use and take apart for cleaning.

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, £30.00, Amazon

Lansinoh Manual pump

Featuring an adjustable two phase technology for improved milk flow and comfort, the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is quick and easy to assemble, use and clean. Designed to stimulate your baby’s natural feeding pattern for an efficient pumping experience, the Easy-Express handle enables you to control suction and speed for the most efficient milk flow. Our mums found the pump extremely efficient and comfortable, working almost as quickly as an electric pump. Read more real mum reviews of the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump here. 

Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump, £29.99, Amazon

Tommee Tippee Manual breast pump

Small and lightweight, this discreet and portable breast pump from Tommee Tippee is a great option for expressing on the go. Made from just three separate parts, the breast pump is quick to assemble and easy to clean. The soft silicone cup has massage ripples that encourage fast, comfortable milk let down and mimics a baby’s natural feeding action. Our panel of tester mums found the pump to be affordable, easy to use and easy to clean.

Philips Avent Natural Comfort Breast Pump and Bottle, £24.59, Amazon

Philip Avent

The enhanced design of the Philips breast pump allows you to sit in a more comfortable expressing position, without having to lean forward to ensure all your milk makes it into the bottle. The soft massage cushion allows for a gentle stimulation of your milk flow, gently imitating your baby’s suckling for clinically proven effectiveness. Should you need it, a larger sized cushion Is also available. The handle offers full control, even when expressing milk one handed and being small and lightweight allows for discreet on-the-go pumping. That said, our panel of mum testers found the pump made an annoying squeaking sound and expressing takes more effort than with other models.

Meome Manual Breast Pump, £19.99, Amazon

Meome Manual Breast Pump

An uncomplicated design, the Meome Manual Breast Pump works by expressing milk with natural pressure. Small enough to keep in your handbag and express on the go, the pump is comfortable and easy to clean. The handle allows you to pump one-handed and mums were surprised at how much milk they were able to express quickly with the pump. Similar to the Philips pump, the design allows you to express without having to lean forward.

Amenda One Handed Manual Breast Pump, £24.99, Amazon

Amenda One Handed Pump

A pump that looks pretty different to a lot of the others on this page, the Amenda One Handed Manual Pump allows you to change the frequency and degree of the handle squeezes for effective pumping. Great for one handed pumping, the squeeze and hold technique reduces effort while milk is flowing. 

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