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VIDEO: Olivia Wilde Explains The Story Behind THAT Breastfeeding Photo

The US actress revealed that the glam pic of her feeding her son was simply a part of her daily life

When actress Olivia Wilde was doing a cover shoot for US Glamour magazine, her four-month-old son Otis accompanied her. And when he needed a feed, it made sense for Olivia to oblige.

But with the photographer still snapping away, it’s no surprise that when the uber-glam photo of her breastfeeding her son was published in the magazine, it caused plenty of discussion about its role in promoting breastfeeding.

In an interview on the Today show whose host, Savannah Guthrie, is pregnant herself, Olivia was asked whether breastfeeding always looked so glamourous.

‘That grew out of a very organic moment,’ Olivia said.

‘I was working, I was shooting the cover of US Glamour, and I needed to feed my son Otis.

‘Either I was going to do it off-camera or on, and I thought, “You know what, shoot it, because this is part of my real life.”

‘But no, usually he has a diaper on and I've never looked that good breastfeeding – and I never will!’

The star of racing film Rush and Tron, who’s engaged to comedy actor Jason Sudeikis, posted a picture from the shoot to her Twitter account last week, saying,

‘Otis ordered milkshakes. Luckily I had some on me. Then he peed on my dress. Good kid. #boobfood #whennaturecalls’

Of course, leave a baby out of his nappy and you know you’re at risk of accidents, and Olivia was no exception.

When Savannah asked Olivia about rumours that he may have ruined the dress she was wearing in the photo, she replied,

‘Yes! Yes, he christened it.’

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