Mother and Baby

11 Signs You’re A Mum Of Two Under Two

You want your children to be close in age growing up so you’ve made the decision to have two babies in quick succession. And with it comes some pretty special skills (and not so special habits)...
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You can change a nappy with one hand

You can change a baby’s nappy with your eyes closed – whilst holding your crying toddler in your arms. Yep, you’ve officially become a pro.
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Purees galore

You used to spend hours concocting homemade puree recipes, but now you can whip them up in minutes. Plus, you’ve had a year to try and test the ones with the most success.
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You’ve become a serial snacker

With one baby breastfeeding and the other mastering the carrot sticks, you can’t quite muster the energy to make something nice for dinner.
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You’re a master delegator

You did most of the hard graft with your first bub, but this time round you’re ordering your partner around all over the place.
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Baby proofing

You can’t remember the last time your toilet seat wasn’t fastened shut. But you still forget at three in the morning when you’re half asleep doing the night feed.
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Date night has gone out the window

You made the effort to have ‘adult time’ when you had just the one baby, but all you have these days is a few stolen moments of down time in the afternoon when they’re having a nap.
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You have reached a new level of tiredness

Exhausted doesn’t even cover it. You dream of the day when both your babies sleep through. Or at least don't tag team wake-up cries.
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You dread looking at the bank account

Thankfully most of your baby clothes and accessories can be handed down to the newborn, but you’ve still had to shell out on almost everything else – once again.
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Your toddler is jealous

Your toddler hasn’t quite got used to the idea that you have to split your affection and attention between two little people… yet.
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You constantly remind yourself of the future benefits

When you’re at your most stressed, you know that there are benefits on the horizon to look forward to – like only having to do one school run.
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But…the babies’ bond makes it all worthwhile

The moment when your toddler exclaims their love for their new brother/sister is a special moment that makes it all worthwhile.

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