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Baby On Trial For Attempted Murder

Yes, you did read that correctly – a child has been trialed for attempted murder at only nine months old

At nine months old, most babies are exploring the world of weaning or crawling around for the first time. But not Mohammad Musa – he’s on trial for attempted murder.

The baby has appeared in court in Pakistan, and was forced to give his fingerprints, after reportedly throwing rocks at officers, bailiffs and gas company staff who visited his family after they didn’t pay their bills. 

The family allegedly responded violently, giving one member of the team a head injury. But while it’s understandable that Mohammad’s family need to appear in court, we’re still not sure why he himself need be there – a question that was voiced by the baby’s grandfather.

‘He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly,’ said Muhammad Yassen. ‘How can he stone the police?’

Baby Muhammad’s charge contradicts Pakistan’s minimum age of criminal responsibility – which is 12 years old.

The case’s judge has granted Mohammad bail and suspended the Inspector who attended the scene and reported it as attempted murder.

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