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Baby Yoga: Could Your Baby Benefit?

It may be hard to imagine your baby in a downward dog or sun salute when he’s barely crawling, but yoga has great plus points for your baby’s health and development

Thought having a baby was the best excuse ever to ditch your yoga class? Think again. Babies and yoga do mix – and in the best circles.

Gisele Bündchen is a big fan, as are the many mums who regularly go along to baby yoga. Not only is it a great post-baby body tone-up, there are lots of benefits for your little one.

Perfect baby balance

Babies who do yoga are often more advanced when it comes to crawling and walking.

‘Yoga helps a baby find his centre of gravity and increases his awareness of his own body and limits,’ says Amy Thorley, director of Hands on Babies. ‘Many of the moves are things a baby does naturally, but yoga encourages him to bear weight on his arms and legs.’

The thinking is that by locating his centre of gravity, your baby will be steadier on his feet when he learns to walk.

Bye-bye colic

One use of baby yoga is to ease colic – intense, uncontrollable crying that some think is linked to digestive problems. ‘Yoga can help by stimulating the circulatory, digestive, hormonal and immune systems,’ says Amy.

‘It releases tension and the way that pressure is applied to the abdomen is closely linked to baby massage, which can help with digestive discomfort.’

Baby bonding

The manoeuvres used in baby yoga will help your child create a positive bond, not just with you, but with your partner too. ‘Your baby learns to trust you as he’s in a vulnerable position,’ says Amy.

‘Some of the moves require moving your baby further away from your body than he’s used to, so he starts thinking that he’s safe with you and in the world.’

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