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Babysuiting: The New Social Media Photo Trend

First there was Baby Mugging, now there’s Baby Suiting – a new social media photo trend that involves dressing your little one up in a suit

The mummy blogger who sparked the Baby Mugging trend has started a new one – Baby Suiting.

It involves dressing your baby inside one of you or your partner’s suits – including shirt and tie. You end up with an enormous suit with your tiny baby’s head popping out of the top, making for some seriously cute (and hilarious) pictures.

Blogger Ilana Wiles, who runs Mommy Shorts, provided instructions to her followers on how to do the photo.

‘Grab a button down shirt, suit jacket and tie. Put the shirt inside the jacket, the tie around the collar and lie it on the floor.

‘Grab your baby (I recommend an immobile one) and lie him/her in the suit . . . Whisper sweet nothings as you fasten the buttons, tie the tie, and carefully arrange the jacket. (It's like a swaddle!)’

She then encourages her followers to post the picture to social media using the hashtag #babysuiting.

Last year Ilana started up the Baby Mugging trend, which involves taking a photo of your baby with a mug in front of his torso so he looks like he’s squeezed into a cup.

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