Mother and Baby
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Capture your baby's every moment and relive it on Lifecake - the private app for families from Canon

Canon app

When you capture a magical moment with your little one, you want to share it with the world. But privacy is a big concern when posting images and videos of your child on social media – which is why Canon has created a private hub for families and no one else. The Lifecake app from Canon ensures that your photos and videos are shared and saved the way that you want them to be – safely.

And with Lifecake you can be sure those precious caught-on-camera moments will stand the test of time.

If you long for photo prints and other tangible items, Lifecake has an online print shop, too. Use it to turn your uploaded photos into anything from fridge magnets to photo packs and HD photo books. Perfect gifts for family and friends.

Download the Lifecake app from the App Store or Google Play – or visit – and enjoy:

  • Private sharing of baby photos and other childhood moments.
  • A secure platform, with no concern over privacy settings.
  • The ability to travel back in time. With Lifecake you can scroll to any age using the visual timeline.
  • Letting grandparents see their grandchildren grow, no matter where they live.
  • Automatic notification when a new picture or video is uploaded.
  • Printed photo packs, phone cases, posters, fridge magnets, and more. Straight from the app.