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Cuddles With Mum: The Top Memory That Parents Want To Capture With Their Baby

Babies grow up very fast, so a new campaign is encouraging parents to start making lasting memories that you can look back on as your child gets older

At this age, your baby or toddler won’t be able to remember much of what he does now, and will have to rely on pictures and anecdotes that you tell him when he’s older.

That’s why parents are keen to capture every memory on camera, with 34% of you saying that ‘cuddles with mummy’ is the best moment that you want to look back at and remember.

That’s according to a new survey by online memory book company, Mumdrum.

However, the survey also explored how we choose to document these memories, and with the growth of hi-tech cameras on phones, the plain old camera is having to take a back seat. Over 60% of those surveyed said they used their phone to capture a memory.

And of course, this is all fine until your toddler decides to drop your phone down the toilet or send your iPad flying through the air like a Frisbee. In fact, many of those surveyed admitted that they felt anxious that they hadn’t done anything with their photos, and 30% of parents said they were concerned they weren’t capturing enough memories at all.

That’s why Mumdrum is running a campaign to encourage families to capture and save 52 memories in the year – one a week – to ensure you have something wonderful to look back on in a year or 10 years, and to save them on their online memory book site.

You could photograph your baby in the same way for one year to see how much he’s grown, or do a different game or activity with your toddler each week and take a photo so you remember. Get creative now and you’ll have some fab memories to show your little one when he’s older.

Have you created any albums of your baby or toddler? Let us know below.

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