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How to cut your toddler's hair at home

Getting your toddler's hair cut can be difficult at the best of times, but now that we're stuck at home for the foreseebale, it's getting increasingly obvious we're going to have to do it ourselves.


And if memories of a screaming child wriggling out of the salon chair and narrowly avoiding having their ear snipped off still haunt you, then you won't be looking forward to undertaking this momentous task yourself. But the good news is, cutting your toddler's hair at home can actually be a whole lot less hassle than going to the hairdressers. 

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And since your not going to be sending your little one down any runways anytime soon*, there's no pressure to pull off the most fashionable look, either. Ease is the name of the game with these top tips for cutting your toddlers hair at home.

The kit

Use a small pair of clean household scissors if you don’t have hairdressing scissors. ‘Hold sections of hair between your fingers – this forms a barrier between the blades and your baby’s head,’ says Lisa Lemon, senior stylist at children’s hairdressers Trotters in Chelsea. To keep itchy hair at bay, place a towel around their neck. Do the cut after a bath, or use a water spray. Let them play with the spray first, so it doesn’t seem scary.

The seat

If your child’s under two, the highchair is a great place for a home cut, positioned in front of CBeebies. Equip them with a snack and a couple of toys. Before you start, make sure they're not hungry or tired. And remember to explain what you’re going to do and how great it’s going to look.

The method

Start by trimming around the ears, which is the most difficult bit, as your baby will be less fidgety at the beginning. ‘Then do the fringe and around the nape. Offer them a book, as it’s easier to cut the back if they're looking down,’ says Lisa. When it’s done, give them praise and a small treat, so they’ll look forward to their next trim.

Cutting boys' hair

Follow these basic steps to an easy boy's hair cut.

Cutting girls' hair

With long hair, we recommend starting with a basic trim along the length of the hair, and if you're feeling brave, cut in some layers after you've got the main body of the hair at the length you want it. Part the hair into wide sections using a tail comb, and check the lengths are even by gently pulling the hair away from the head with younr hands.

Cutting a fringe

We love this simple to follow tutorial for cutting a fringe.

Cutting curly hair

Anyone who's child has been blessed with naturally curly hair will know the trauma of washing and brushing it bi-weekly. But that's no excuse to put off regular haircuts. Curly hair needs trimming just as regularly as straighter hair - in fact, because the ends are prone to drying out because of tangles, it actually needs trimming MORE. Keep on top of your toddler's curly hair by trimming little and often. And instead of brushing it, keep it in top tip condition with a wide tooth comb.  


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