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Have You Taken This Many Photos Of Your Baby?

Following the announcement last Monday that Prince George is the most photographed baby in Britain, parents with less regal offspring were asked how many pictures they took of their children

The survey, undertaken by Samsung Electronics UK, quizzed 2,000 parents on their photographing habits and revealed that babies are snapped an average 780 times before their first birthday. That’s a lot of photos!

As for the first magical photo, more than half of those parents surveyed revealed that it was taken immediately after their child was born. Surprisingly, 33% said they waited for their child’s first smile.

Samsung’s survey also revealed changes in the way our photos are shared and stored.

The days of the leather-bound baby album are now under threat as one in 10 parents admitted they use Facebook albums instead of the traditional ones.

Similarly, over two-thirds of parents shared the pictures of their children on various social media platforms.

The research also revealed some curious trends about the pressures of looking good in photos. Half of parents stated that they paid for a professional ‘new baby’ shoot to find the perfect family photo. And to ensure their children looked their best, 42% of parents admitted to using editing tools and photo filters before they uploaded their photos on to social media. We’d never do that of course…

How many photos do you think you've taken of your child? Let us know in the comments box below.


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