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How Are You Affected By National Offer Day?

Today is National Offer Day, and parents of thousands of children up and down the country find out whether they get their preferred primary school place.

This year is the first time that allocation of primary school places has been co-ordinated on a national scale, and details of where children will be starting school in September were emailed out today.

 Pressure is high, in London especially – and parents were expected to list up to six schools they'd be happy for their child to go to, compared with those living outside the city who had three choices to make. There was no guarantee for anyone and it is estimated that one in five families will miss out on their first choice.

 With spaces at ‘good schools’ so limited, it’s a worrying time for everyone. Parents with little ones years away from junior school are already starting to panic - a poll on Netmums found that one in six parents had been thinking about primary places before their child's first birthday and one in five had moved house to be closer to a school.

 If you received your result today and are desperately unhappy with the allocation, then there is a procedure in place so you can appeal to your local authority. However, they offer no guarantee.

 We’d love to know how you’ve been affected by today. Are you one of the lucky ones whose children are off to your first choice of school, or are you planning on making an appeal?

 Or, is your child barely out of nappies but the school options you’ve got are giving you sleepless nights already?

 Let us know on the comments board below.

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