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How bathtime can help your baby’s development

How bathtime can help your baby’s development

Bathtime for your baby can give her much more than just soft, clean skin. 

JOHNSON’S new campaign SO MUCH MORE explains how you can boost your baby’s development during bathtime, simply by singing or splashing in the bubbles. 

Here are the top 5 ways you can develop your baby’s cognitive skills at bathtime: 


Research shows that splashing during bath time can help a baby to learn cause and effect by understanding that their hands hitting the water will have an impact.


Studies show that singing and speaking to your baby will help them to develop a larger vocabulary by the age of two. By the age of three, the number of words a child hears and can recognise is also linked to their academic success.


Popping Bubbles

Playing with bubbles in the bath can help babies to develop better hand-eye coordination skills by encouraging them to link up what the eyes and hands are doing in order to pop the bubbles.

Bath time toys

Parents should encourage their baby to play with bath time toys like rubber ducks. By holding the toys under the water, it teaches a baby about object permanence by helping them discover that objects exist even when they cannot be seen.

Bath time fragrances

Studies have shown that after bathing with fragranced bath products, 30% of babies displayed more engagement cues with their parent, and spent nearly 25% less time crying.

Bathtime can be a ritual for you and your baby that develops your little one’s ability to learn, think, love, and grow. 

Through the SO MUCH MORE campaign, JOHNSON’S is advancing research that reveals the importance of multi-sensorial experiences that can lead to happy, healthy baby development.   



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