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What is Trapped Wind?

If your baby gets air trapped in her tummy, she’ll feel uncomfortable and unable to settle. Give her instant relief by getting the winding technique right.

Causes of Trapped Wind in Babies

Wind is caused by excess air getting trapped in the tummy, and often occurs when your baby accidentally swallows mouthfuls of air when feeding or gulps it in while crying. This can make her feel full even if she hasn’t had enough to eat.

Symptoms of Trapped Wind in Babies

Common signs your baby has trapped wind include her squirming or crying during a feed, or looking pained or uncomfortable when you put her down afterwards.

Trapped Wind Remedies for Babies

Breastfed babies are less prone to trapped wind because they have greater control over milk flow. But she may still suffer if she feeds quickly or your milk is fast-flowing. 

To reduce the chances of wind when bottle feeding, keep your baby in an upright position as she eats. Tilt the bottle so the milk completely covers the hole too – this will help prevent any air getting in. 

If your baby’s feeding well and seems happy, don’t stop to wind her – she might get upset and gulp in air as she cries. Wait for a natural break to try. 
It’s useful to gently stretch your baby out when winding. Good positions to adopt include holding her over your shoulder with her bottom supported, sitting her upright or laying her face down on your lap.

The Technique for Winding

Gently patting and rubbing your baby’s back should help bring up any wind. Have a muslin square on hand,  in case she brings up some milk, too. If your baby doesn’t burp within a few minutes and she looks comfortable, she may not have wind. Some babies can struggle to bring air up so persevere for a bit longer if she looks pained. Try shifting her position to see if that helps get things moving along.

When to seek advice

If you think your baby is suffering with severe or persistent wind, let your health visitor know. She’ll be able to suggest medication that will help ease her discomfort. As your baby gets older, she will naturally become better at feeding and will settle into her most comfortable positions, so wind becomes less of problem.

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