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Nappies: everything you need to know!

There's no avoiding it, nappies are a mucky business but there are ways to take the mess and stress out of changing. Let the experts show you how in our 3-minute video...

Kathryn Blundell, Mother&Baby editor says: When you’re thinking about nappies, there are two main types for you to be thinking about. There’s the disposable nappies which you get out the packet, use on your baby and chuck when they’re dirty. And then there are the reusable ones, the cloth nappies. Now these have quite a big initial expense but actually work out cheaper over a couple of years, which is how long a baby will be in nappies. And you can always mix nappies to suit your lifestyle.

Nicola Joseph, Health Visitor says: With nappy changing, you always need to make sure you’ve washed your hands and always have everything you need at the time so that you never have to leave your baby on their own.

Mum 1 says: "I like to have everything to hand nearby, because madam will roll over. Sometimes I will even change her on the floor now. I always keep the nappy underneath because sometimes she will like to do a little wee."

Mum 2: "When I change her, I always put my fingers in between her feet to keep her ankles together so when I lift her it’s comfortable for her and for me, as well."

Nicola says: So, take off the dirty nappy and if you have to clean the nappy area, do that with some cotton wool and cool boiled water. You can use wipes, but if you’re at home it’s always better to used cotton wool and cool boiled water.

Mum 3 says: "I only tend to use the wipes when we go out, but when we’re at home I just tend to use the cotton wool."

Nicola says: With mums, remember that you clean from front to back and with boys just clean around the penis area and the bottom area as well.

Mum 1 says: "So, I’ve got the nappy bag here and it all goes straight in. Nicola: Now if you’re feeling really brave you can leave baby to air dry on their own, but if not you can just use some cotton wool to dry off the water. Then put on the new clean nappy."

Mum 2 says: "I pull the tapes over, quite tightly, not too tight, but tight enough so the nappy stays in position."

Nicola says: Disposing of your nappy, you can either put your disposable ones in a perfumed nappy bag and put them in the bin or with your cloth nappies you can take away the liners and throw them away and then you may have to put your cloth ones in the wash. And also, just to remember, if you have a really young baby, sometimes they may still have part of their umbilical cord attached. So, if you find that the nappy is rubbing on that area, just turn the nappy down so it gives that area time to heal.

Katie, Cow & Gate Midwife says: So, whenever you’re changing baby, especially if you’re using a changing table or changing baby up off the floor, it’s always important to make sure you never leave baby unattended. Because no matter how young your baby is, you’ll be surprised how quickly they can roll over on you.


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