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M&BTV: How To Massage Your Baby

Want a happy, relaxed baby? Why not try some bonding with baby massage? Here's how to do it...

Baby Massage Teacher Charlotte Denn, says: So a baby massage is basically about learning to communicate with your child through touch. So, to an infant touch is talking. The only way a newborn infant can communicate is through touch so it’s a form of bonding, a form of relief, we can relax a baby through baby massage, we can help to create routine with baby massage.

Mum 1: So as part of his bedtime routine I will do baby massage because the benefits of him relaxing and trying to get a good night’s sleep. He seems to enjoy it as well.

Charlotte says: If you want to give massage a go at home, then there are a few points that you need to remember or start with. First of all, it must be a nice quiet and relaxed environment and also make sure that all of your jewellery is removed, no necklaces, no dangling in their face. You want to really keep that eye contact with your baby at all times, if you can. The oil is quite important; if you can use an olive oil – literally the thing that you put on your salad – is best to massage your baby with.

Mum 2: When we do the baby massage it’s very important we ask the baby for permission so it’s not a shock. And we show our hands to the baby and we say ‘can I massage you please?’

Charlotte says: When you start the massage, we always start with the legs. We start by stroking away from the body and we also stroke the feet and the ankles. And you can also use rhyme or talk while your massaging. There’s also one more routine that you can learn which is called the ‘colic constipation routine’ which is specific to if you feel like there is tension in your baby’s intestines or stomach area. We must remember to always work and massage and stroke in the direction of the intestine, which is clockwise.

Mum 1: Because it helps with digestion as well, you kind of have to go with the direction of how the intestines and everything works, which is clockwise. If you’re going counter-clockwise then you’re not really helping with digestion. Frances, Aptamil, Midwife: Baby massage, this is a lovely, lovely thing. And it’s not just something that you as a mum and baby to do. Dad can do it, anyone can do it. Its skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby and for dad’s its brilliant – the more they are actually doing these things, the more they are bonding with their baby.

Mum 1: It’s nice. It’s nice for me as a mum because I know he’s obviously enjoying it and obviously it’s nice for him too, he seems to be liking it.

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